ader lagy syg ! na tau ap ? kne tkan sub yg ade at bawah ney la ! jom intai ! (-:

assalamualaikum to all readers. first of all, thanks for clicking my webpage. this is officially mine, here, there, anywhere is mine. stop judging me or else please get out from here. i'm Nurul Amirah Aatiqah azhanira. you can find me on facebook and ofcourse twitter ( @anakencikZahar ) .

Wednesday, June 26


holla assalamualaikum uolls ! lame gila tak posting kan. okayy. just nak bgtahu . almost 2 month i have been taken in officially by MUHAMMAD NURUL IFAZIQ BIN ISMAIL. he might not too hansome. but he's just perfect for me. mybe ini baru permulaan but so far i'm happy. thanks bie. thanks for giving me this chance to be yours. i'll make sure our relay will doing well, insyallah. dengan izin allah. okayy tu jek tuk kali ni. next time aku post lagi. (:

sye syg awk ! sudda bace comment n klik reaksi kamoo okeyh ! :D

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