ader lagy syg ! na tau ap ? kne tkan sub yg ade at bawah ney la ! jom intai ! (-:

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Thursday, December 13

Kechoh ! :(

Holaaa.....assalamualaikum uols...... Haha such a bad day I think....Ahlai drive me crazy...why ? I do love him but I don't know what's the matter that make me feel like I'm stupid enough....okay... I don't know y....I don't even know if he love me or not....if I could I would say I don't care at all....but I don't think I have that effort..... He's the one I felt for...the one and only thing I need is Ahlai....knpe jdi mcm ni... I thought he the right one for me... But he's not... Aku tak kan menyesal Kenal dia..... UFt ! Semoga dia bahagia....tu jek aku mmpu ckp so far..... I'm fine I think... :) 

sye syg awk ! sudda bace comment n klik reaksi kamoo okeyh ! :D

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