ader lagy syg ! na tau ap ? kne tkan sub yg ade at bawah ney la ! jom intai ! (-:

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Thursday, February 2

, , , syg awk aje skunk !

awk ! awk ! sye syg awk jerk skunk nyh... awk jgn slah sgke gn sye skunk awk ! awk !!!! jgn wat sy nanges sbb awk....tolong largh...awk tahu n awk sedar kn sy cinta at awk je skunk ny,,,dy kisah lepas sy...mungkin awk mara bile sy ckp sy syg at dy ag...awk kne pham haty n prasaan sy awk....awk ! pleezz jgn slah syg awk je skunk ny,,sy jujo n ta tpu bile sy ckp sy cube lpaskn smua knangan sy gn dye ! awk ! pleezz....yes i will ! if u need a time to be alone... sy respect ap yg awk na...but please,,,,,let me explain it ! mtk maaf gn awk,,,sy syg minta maaf lw sy wat awk wat awk saket aty gn sy..awk....please,,,,jgn wat sy mcm nyh....please jgn tgal sy.....its hard for me to face it.... ummm....

p/s : ...

sye syg awk ! sudda bace comment n klik reaksi kamoo okeyh ! :D

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