ader lagy syg ! na tau ap ? kne tkan sub yg ade at bawah ney la ! jom intai ! (-:

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Thursday, December 22

, , , such a crazy **** !

hello !! i ta post paper psal u ao ! jgn na cry psal gn org bleyh ta ?? gile ! uft ! klw ta leyh trime tguran lain kli jgn tnyer and jgn hint org thu ! eee ! saba jer laa..... btw aq ta ckp ko rembat laki aq pon thu 
! ko yg trase sndry gn soalan ko... ko jwab largh ! btw...asl ko ta copycat sumer jer..asal copy aq nyer im jer ? ta brany ?? haha ! its ok ! aq ta marah pon,,juz wanna say thank u very damn much....thnx 4 evrythings ! im apritiate it...

p/s : haha ! maaf ! sorry ! salam !

sye syg awk ! sudda bace comment n klik reaksi kamoo okeyh ! :D

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