ader lagy syg ! na tau ap ? kne tkan sub yg ade at bawah ney la ! jom intai ! (-:

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Sunday, February 6

lain kali guner telinga!!!!

bangang!! lain yg aq ckap,,lain yg kw tulis lain yg kw buat!!ader telinga ltx at bontot agxnyer,,,aq ckp puteh biru,,,asl kw wt kuning biru plx??haiyyaaa!!!aq gram tol la g kw ney!ummmm,,sabar jerk la aq gn kw neyh!!naseb bex kwn aq,,lw org lain mmg aq terajang kw mpoz,

sye syg awk ! sudda bace comment n klik reaksi kamoo okeyh ! :D

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